Act II Seniors

This Company caters for those of secondary school age upwards and also meets for two hours every Term time Saturday morning. They explore Drama exercises and professional techniques to acquire various methods of performing with Song, Movement, Dance and Acting Skills. Students produce a Musical Production to perform for family and friends and Drama Festival audiences - either text based or as a devised piece of their own efforts. They also have the chance to perform in London's West End at regular intervals.

This course of study produces performers of exceptional confidence and standards in Musical Theatre, Drama and Dance. It provides an excellent springboard to GCSE/A Level exams in the Creative Arts as well as further professional training to enable students to enter into a highly competitive entertainment career.
All the Performing Arts Companies provide a gradual path of study and performance that leads seamlessly from one age appropriate Company to the next, so long lasting friendships and team spirit become a natural part of the process. Most costumes are provided as well as scripts, and all local Festival entry fees are included in the termly fees, which represents remarkable value for money for parents. There are also generous Sibling discounts where more than one child attends a Company class.

Please contact us for further information and details of the limited places available.

For those looking for entry to University to study an academic path, having a record of study in the Performing Arts on their Personal Statement will show not only persistence in a course of study, but the likelihood of a well prepared student, able to present their work to their tutor groups with confidence and vocal authority.