The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

LAMDA Acting classes and exams.

These world recognized qualifications can be studied at the Academy which has a long history of highly successful exam results.
Children as young as 5 years old can take a group Introductory exam with the memorizing and performance of a short poem - right through to a Gold Medal qualification taken as an individual or in a duologue in the teenage years. These exams can lead on to a Performance Award or a Teaching Diploma.
Pupils - including adults, study for these exams for a number of different reasons. To gain self confidence, improve vocal delivery, for enjoyment and a challenge, to appreciate verse, prose and dialogue, further in depth study of literature, play analysis, to overcome speech difficulties, to prepare for public speaking engagements, presentations for business and university projects. Both employers and educational establishments, especially universitys, regard these qualifications very highly. 
Classes can be taken at your home, within a realistic distance from our base, and last for half an hour or for the medal grades, three quarters of an hour.
Guidance is given on the suitable level of exam to work towards and the correct subject matter. For acting exams, the plays from which pieces are chosen to be performed, should be studied, possibly at school as part of the English curriculum, or independently. This is required as a knowledge of the context of each piece forms part of an exam, especially at the higher grades.
Exams can be taken at several times of the year, when students are ready for them. They can be taken at the main Centre in London as well as local  Public Centres such as Haywards Heath.
Please contact us for further details and a discussion of your particular requirements.