Do read through these unsolicited comments we have received, and judge for yourself if we are the right place for you or your children to learn, perform and have fun - we do hope you will chose to join us. Contact us today for further information, and a very warm welcome!

Samantha Begeman

Mrs Hassan was my drama teacher for 2 years when I was at prep school, and I also did LAMDA with her. 
She was a great teacher because she got me interested in learning about drama.
I loved being in the end of year school productions. 
I hope to be a drama teacher when I am older just like Mrs Hassan.

Sam Constable

I have known Toni Hassan for the last five years she has taught both of my children and I can honestly say I have found her to be a fantastic dedicated Drama teacher.
Both my children have excelled in drama and both have gained high marks in their Lamda exams.
Bailey has gone on having achieved distinctions in Lamda whilst taught by Toni and is now playing lead roles and also part of Glyndebourne Youth Opera.
Toni Hassan is passionate and a truly dedicated teacher I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Our son spent a large part of his teenage years under Toni's guidance at Act II, and with her boundless and "endless" enthusiasm was able to participate in many notable performances where his confidence and acting skills grew & grew.

Act II not only teaches and develops excellent performing skills, in acting , singing and dancing, but also helps to develop the all important, and often overlooked confidence of being able to speak in front of an audience, and working with a team, a skill which is so valuable in all areas of modern life.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Act II !

 -Mark Tuvey

Jane and Matthew Morgan

Both our daughters have been members of ACT II since they were in infant school and have enjoyed every minute of it. The love of drama which Toni has instilled in them has inspired them to pursue their LAMDA qualifications and in the case of our eldest daughter her GCSE. it has and will always play a large part in our children's lives.
I really like it because everyone there loves drama. We love entering the competitions but the most important thing for us is having fun.

  -Elizabeth, aged 14

Charlotte, aged 11

I really enjoy ACTII and love the fact that everyone taking part gets their moment of glory.
I have been training with Act 2 since I was around 12 years old, taking both dance and drama lessons. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time, especially performing in the West End and the annual summer show at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks. The children are always the best dressed at any performance we do! 

I love dancing and Toni has enabled me to take a professional dance teacher's qualification with the IDTA where I hope to carry on my passion by teaching! The dance lessons are always fun and friendly, with the chance to take exams and perform infront of an audience.



I have been attending the ‘Adult Ballet’ class for almost 2 years now and I always look forward to my Wednesday night! Whilst the class is good fun and thoroughly enjoyable, the exercises and routines that we learn have improved my posture, suppleness and flexibility in a way that doesn't really feel like exercise!
My two daughters, aged 10 and 7 have both performed and danced with Act II Academy since the age of 5 and through this have taken part in annual performances at the Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks.  A proud parent moment indeed to watch the girls perform on stage.

My eldest daughter took two levels of exams during her time dancing and passed with excellent results each time.  She now attends the Saturday drama workshop which again, involves performances at The Stag and other local schools.  Her self confidence, I feel has grown through her involvement with this group.

My youngest has recently taken her ballet, tap and modern dancing exams and passed all with distinction.  She too attends an after school drama workshop which she greatly enjoys - particularly so, the rehearsals and build up to the latest upcoming show.

Toni Hassan very much puts herself into working with her students, of all ages and appears to delight in the additional time and effort that each staged performance brings.

- Sarah Chatten 

Emma - Tunbridge Wells.

Toni Hassan is quite possibly the most nurturing, enthusiastic and inspirational teacher there is. 
Her love and passion for the performing arts is clear for all to see, as is her dedication to bring out the best in each and every student.
To watch my daughter go from a scared 7 year old, not wanting to join in, blossom into a 13 year old, now singing solo and performing at her Majesty's Theatre in London among other places, is completely down to Toni.
Toni is not just a drama and dance teacher, she is a mentor and motherly figure to all the children in her care.
I can't thank her enough for the way in which she has helped our family.